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Being a #Millennial in the Workplace

As a 34-year old, I have seen the workplace change from being mostly Baby Boomers to mostly Millennials. The interesting part of this is the fact that both groups can learn from each other. Baby Boomers are long lasting employees that have learned that loyalty comes before anything. Millennials are new to the workforce in a lot of ways and they need to learn to be more focused and have more real conversations outside of social media.

If you take the good with the bad, you will see that there is a benefit in employing both groups of people. In the end, you will have more loyal employees who can market the company's products via social media. Being a Millennial can be hard especially when you are doing your best and sometimes it may not be enough. But as long as you are doing the best work possible, it will be enough for you!

Signing off as the #MillennialMathProfessor!

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