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Graduation Message (Dr. Davis #2)

Graduations are the best time of the year for universities and families. Often times, these occasions bring reflection on the minds of the graduates. For many students, graduation is the end of the road or just the beginning of another series of degrees to reach a career goal. Overall, graduations are special because it is a time of celebration for the time that was invested in order to achieve the college degree.

On Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of witnessing the graduation of my sister (Dr Davis #2) at the University of Memphis. She graduated with a PhD in Educational Psychology. I am so thankful for her time at the University of Memphis and her unwavering faith in God. Seven months ago, she survived a life threatening 5-car accident (she was in car #2). We are thankful for her very life as it was spared during this accident. After physical therapy, she is walking, talking, and living life based on her faith.

Just seeing her walk across the stage at the FedEx Forum was a total answer to prayer.

In life, we have to be thankful for every struggle that comes our way as it is a testimony to those around us. The Davis Family would like to salute the newly minted Dr. Davis as she goes forward in teaching Psychology and Educational Psychology students. And we are thankful to the University of Memphis for the time that they invested in teaching Andrea and in paying for her entire doctoral degree education.

To infinity and beyond!

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