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Dear Freshman, What is Your Focus?

In life, when you have a chance to make a difference in someone's life, do it. Yesterday, I had the chance to do a presentation just for Freshman on Focusing. Often times, the freshman year is the busiest and hardest year for students as they are learning to adjust to their new schedule, waking up on time, being in class on time, and being studious at the same time.

For Freshman, it is essential for them to connect with Mentors who are students and/or Faculty/Administrators so that they can learn to navigate this new world. Feel free to tell them parts of your college experience so that they can see that it was not an easy road; it took lots of focus in order to start and complete college.

I enjoy presentations like this because it gives them a start to finish approach on what college really looks like. The reality of student loans and credit cards can scare students but it is essential for us to tell them the truth about life in college. And allow students to ask questions so that they can clear up any myths that they have been told about being a student. If you have a chance to mentor a Freshman, please do so. You can help them to navigate college life and stop them from making the mistakes that you made as a college students.

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