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Challenges in STEM Presentation

STEM is a very versatile acronym that includes includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The interesting part of STEM is that you can do various jobs in these fields such as research, teaching, business ownership, training, etc. Because STEM is a wide open arena, you can create your own network therefore creating more opportunities for growth.

I chose the field of Mathematics because I love working through math problems. I also enjoy teaching math in various ways so that students can understand it. I am learning the software called Prezi and it helps to bring short lectures to life. So far, I have used Prezi for two presentations. There are so many ways to work with students in ways that they will have a firmer grasp on STEM and its role in their lives.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak to over 30 African-American ladies at Tates Creek High School. It was a privilege speaking to them on some of the unseen challenges that can occur as you work your way through a STEM field. Each person's experience is different but I highlighted a few things that were challenges and how I overcame them to be successful.

A special Thank You to Tates Creek HS for giving me the opportunity to present to your students today!

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