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Overcoming Mathematics Anxiety

So many students feel so anxious when it comes to learning math due to having bad past experiences in mathematics. The sad part is this feeling stops them from going forward to conquer their fears. In the learning process, mathematics is an integral part of every curriculum. It is helpful to show students many ways that they can overcome their fears so that they can learn to love math.

I used to be fearful of math because it was hard for me to understand the steps. But each day, I spent 30 minutes to an hour on my mathematics homework. As time went on, I started to understand it. I even sought out tutoring because I knew that I needed help from someone who knew more about math than I did.

And look....I became a Mathematician as a result of it. Practice makes perfect. If you want to conquer math, practice practice practice. You just never know.....math could be a part of your future career.

Here is a math anxiety test and other supporting material:

Here is a video (in 2 parts) that I did on how to overcome math anxiety:

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